Large Heath butterfly survey workshops

Want to know the difference between a Large Heath (Coenonympha tullia) and other similar species or to learn more about them and the best way to survey for them? Then take a look at the series of free workshops being run by Butterfly Conservation as part of their Large Heath Scottish survey 2022. The adultContinue reading “Large Heath butterfly survey workshops”

Help us get glowing reports for Renfrewshire

Who knew that we had glow-worms in Scotland? I certainly didn’t but after watching the fascinating talks in March organised by Charlotte Martin, Scottish Glow-worms researcher, I’m eager to see one and I hope others are too. They aren’t actually worms but beetles of the Firefly family. The only species found in Scotland is theContinue reading “Help us get glowing reports for Renfrewshire”

Have you seen a mature Wych Elm?

As you know Elm trees have been hammered by Dutch Elm Disease.  Eadha are focused on rare and threatened tree conservation and are seeking your help in identifying local mature Wych Elm trees which may have immunity against the disease. They have expressed interest in being a partner in a Wych Elm Project being developed by the Royal BotanicContinue reading “Have you seen a mature Wych Elm?”

CARG Spring Survey 2022

Guess what we were doing last Saturday night in the dark?  No rude responses please, we were in Muirshiel Country Park with a high powered torch looking for newts! CARG, which, for the uninitiated, stands for the Clyde Amphibian and Reptile Group, is a volunteer organisation of interested and much more knowledgeable people than us,Continue reading “CARG Spring Survey 2022”

Spring into action…for butterflies

At their Scottish Spring Gathering in March Butterfly Conservation put out a call for volunteers and suggested a number of projects people could get involved in.  If you missed it you can watch the gathering on You Tube and find out about some of the butterfly and moth work being done in Scotland. How youContinue reading “Spring into action…for butterflies”