Published papers and notes written by PNHS members

T Byars, ‘Lesser Whitethroat holding territory in mixed woodland‘, Scottish Birds, 42:1, 2022

T Byars, ‘Lesser Whitethroats in Ayrshire: does emergent scrub provide a new breeding habitat?‘, Scottish Birds, 2021

T Byars, ‘Lesser Whitethroat.

T Byars, ‘The breeding distribution and habitat requirements of the Lesser Whitethhroat in Strathclyde.

T Byars, ‘Feeding studies of the Lesser Whitethroat in Strathclyde

T Byars, ‘Secondary nest usage by a pair of Lesser Whitethroats

T Byars, ‘Sandwich Tern mimicry in a singing Whitethroat‘, Scottish Birds, 2014.

T Byars, ‘A Lesser Whitethroat brood of six young‘, Scottish Birds, 2014.

T Byars, ‘Observations on Lesser Whitethroat singing and roosting behaviour in Ayrshire during May 2010‘, Scottish Birds, 2011.

T Byars, ‘Status and Distribution of the Lesser Whitethroat in Clyde and Ayrshire from 1983 to 2005‘, Scottish Birds, 2010.

T Byars, ‘Unprecedented spring passage of Long-tailed Skuas over Saltcoats during May 2006‘, Scottish Birds, 2009.

T Norman Tait, ‘The status of Holy Grass (HierochloĂ« odorata) (L.) P. Beauv. at Blythswood, Renfrew District,  VC 76‘. 

T Norman Tait & P Tait, ‘The spread of Knopper gall wasps (Andricus quercuscalicis) into the Clyde area‘.

T Byars and H Galbraith, ‘Cape May Warbler: new to Britain and Ireland‘, British Birds, 73, pp2-5, January 1980.

Other publications on Renfrewshire wildlife

K Watson, The Flora of Renfrewshire, Glasgow Museums, 2013. ISBN 9781874357544

R Weddle, ‘Morris Young’s “Flora of Renfrewshire” (VC76)‘,The Glasgow Naturalist, 2008, Volume 25, Part 1.

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