• photograph of a blue and black striped dragonfly in flight.
  • Dragonfly sunning on a reed with wings outstretched showing the 4 dark spots on the edges of the wings.
  • Heron standing on the bank of the burn.
  • Otter at the edge of the bank with a trout in its mouth.
  • Photograph of an orange and brown mottled butterfly with a black and red moth underneath its wing. Both are feeding on a purple flower with grass in background.
  • Orange and speckled butterfly on yellow flower
  • Small lizard sunning on roofing felt
  • Photograph of white bird with dark green head and red beak sitting on water.
  • Red-capped toadstools with white speckles and stems
  • Pale coloured toadstools, a mature one with flat cap and gills and young one with domed cap
  • Pale blue butterfly with wings outstretched above grass.
  • Plant with green heart-shaped leaves and purple flowers each with 5 petals
  • Moth with large eyes on wings, and large fringed antennae, looking like a cat's face upside down
  • Plant with green leaves and pale yellow flowers with dark yellow splodge and dark lines on centre lobe.
  • Grey and yellow bird with black and white head feeding younger bird of same colour while both perched on jaggy plant stem.
  • Green coloured butterfly with wings closed sitting camouflaged against plants on the ground.
  • Flying insect standing on yellow centre of flower with pink petals
  • Flying insect with white stripes on black body standing on tiny white flowers.
  • Brown and cream coloured bird standing on muddy ground at water's edge.
  • Snake curled up amoungst dried rust-coloured Bracken stems.
  • Brown bird with pale spotted breast sitting in frosted branches of tree with red berries.
  • Orange, brown and white marbled butterfly perched on purple Knapweed flower.
  • Photograph of large bee with white tail and large pollen sack on leg, flying towards pink and white trumpet-shaped flowers with protruding yellow stamens

Look at our Wildlife sites page to discover some of the places in Renfrewshire where you can observe wildlife and our Outing reports for places a bit further afield.

Check out the PNHS Facebook page for posts on recent sightings and photographs and if you’ve seen something interesting please share it with us.

Read our Lesser Whitethroat page to find out more about this locally scarce bird, including research by PHNS member, Tom Byars, and the scrub enhancement project being carried out by PNHS in association with Gleniffer Country Park Countryside Rangers.

Learn more about particular species from our Wildlife information sheets and Papers/publications.

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