Membership is open to everyone whether you are an expert in your field or a beginner.  You can join at any time so, if you have any interest in natural history, why not become a member.

With membership to Paisley Natural History Society you will be able to attend all of our talks and outings and get involved in our volunteer projects.  All members are given a copy of the winter talks programme and added to our email contact list.

Please note that no membership fees were collected for 2020-2021 or 2021-2022 because all activity of the society ceased during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Annual membership fees

Annual Membership – £10

Because of increases in expenditure, the committee have revised the membership fee for the new season, and have set it at £10 per year for all members.

Usually people like to pay by cash or cheque at the first meeting in September. Alternatively, dues can be paid directly into the society’s bank account. Details will be sent out to members in a newsletter nearer the date.

New members can join by completing the membership form and paying the membership fee. This can be done online or by bringing the completed form and payment to an evening meeting.

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