Have you seen a mature Wych Elm?

As you know Elm trees have been hammered by Dutch Elm Disease.  Eadha are focused on rare and threatened tree conservation and are seeking your help in identifying local mature Wych Elm trees which may have immunity against the disease.

They have expressed interest in being a partner in a Wych Elm Project being developed by the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh (RBGE) for which a scoping study has recently been produced.  This is essentially a planning phase for the practical delivery work which will involve both science organisations and field-based partners such as Eadh.

RBGE are seeking funding to deliver this project which will include collection and propagation to create a genebank of immune elm.  In the meantime they are wanting partner organisations to start engaging with local volunteers to identify potential candidate trees.  So lets get the ball rolling!  The spring is a good time to look for trees so keep your eyes peeled.  They are particularly beautiful at this time with their distinctive lime and pink fruits (known as samaras). Eadha’s search area is loosely West Central Scotland and this will feed into a Scotland wide database.  RBGE’s criteria is:

  • Mature wych elms
  • Around 70+ yrs old (i.e. can’t wrap your arms around it)
  • Located in rural but not remote area or on site with no history of Dutch elm disease management

Your records should include a photo, description (evidence of diseased trees nearby, number of trees, size, location etc) and 8 figure grid reference.

You can contact Eadh by email at contact@eadha.co.uk

See the Woodland Trust website for ID tips for Wych Elm.

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